I’ve written and spoken quite a bit about horizontal scrolling WordPress themes on this blog, mostly in relation to the work of one of my favourite theme developers, Greg Ponchak. You can see my take on his work in this video here

in case you missed. And while I’m on the matter, I can announce that I’ll be reviewing one of his latest themes soon and showing you how you might use it to create a simple art project. Exciting stuff on the horizon!

Anyway, back to this post. It seems to me that the horizontal scrolling theme category has never really been taken seriously simply because our experience of the web is still dominated by a top-down layout of content. Consequently, horizontal themes tend to be seen as ultra-niche, a novelty that often inspires wonder, but doesn’t really convert into large sales figures. Well I think that’s about to change.

Why? Portable devices are changing the way we access and experience web content. Tablets for example, support landscape and portrait views and their touchscreen capabilities make horizontal navigation just as easy as vertical. In addition, people use tablets for a different experience of the web. They want to be immersed in the content. They don’t want to do complex data retrieval manipulations that your keyboard and mouse allow you to do. So video, photos and audio are really coming of age with tablet culture. For these reasons, I see a serious future for horizontal scrolling WordPress themes.

So I decided to bring together a collection of the ten best horizontal scrolling WordPress themes for 2012 in the hope that it might sway a few more heads in the direction of this neglected form factor and get people thinking outside the box in terms of web and content design. So without further ado, here’s my list. It’s not in any order of preference by the way, just a free form list. Enjoy!