Advertising Disclosure Policy

In the interest of transparency here is an explanation of how affiliate links and advertising works on Wpliving. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this blog are “affiliate links.” An affiliate link is a unique link provided to affiliates to promote an online service that is then used to credit sale commissions to the affiliate. In the case of Wpliving, as a rule of thumb, I only ever include affiliate links to products that I believe in, trust and deem worthy of sharing with my audience.

Any revenue, which is very minimal, generated through affiliate links goes towards the running costs of this blog. Furthermore, none of the products I choose to promote on this blog stop me from having an unbiased view. I approach reviews of any product with the same critical eye.


I run several types of advertising on Wpliving, including:

  • Video sponsorship: sponsors are able to insert a short clip including their brand’s logo and product information at the beginning of my YouTube videos – or part way through a video.
  • Post sponsorship: sponsors can insert a product link + up to 100 words of text at the end of a blog post. This is clearly marked as a sponsored item in the blog post.
  • Text Link Ad: there are 5 text link ad spots available in the Wpliving footer section. This is clearly marked as “sponsors”
  • Sidebar banner ad: Sponsors can place a graphic banner ad in the Wpliving sidebar. Again, this is clearly labeled as an ad.