Welcome to the Ask Me Anything About WordPress page. I offer free practical advice on making the most out of WordPress, so fire away! But let me first highlight a few house rules to prevent this Q&A descending into chaos!

The answers I provide are the opinion of a single person (i.e. me). I am not omniscient and there are things I simply don’t know. Any advice you decide to take up is entirely your responsibility. It’s a good life rule to always search for a range of opinions before committing to something. This section is about WordPress!! Please keep questions on topic. If you want to know the meaning of life or whether God exists, a good place to start is with Plato, Aristotle and St Augustine of Hippo. Please note that I will only post questions and answers that are useful to the wider community here.

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IF you would like some help with WordPress, feel free to ask me a question via the free and popular Q&A site, Quora. Here is my profile:

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