So I’ve begun making videos again for WPLiving after a leave of absence, but I feel my latest recordings have been suffering from poor audio quality. In order to up my audio game, I decided to try 2 different audio recorders for making screencasts and vlogs.

The Logitech H600 Wireless HeadsetThe first is a very cheap option, available for around $40 on and it’s the Logitech H600 wireless headset. This is a simple plug and play option. The headphones are pretty basic. They feel quite plasticky and as you’ll see in the video demonstration the audio quality on the little retractable mic is not great at all. The sound is hollow and thin. The headphone quality is also fairly mediocre. This would work ok as a Skype or VOIP solution, but for making videos, it just doesn’t cut it.

So I decided to send the headphones back.

The Zoom H6 Portable Audio RecorderThe other option, available for around $390 on is the Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder. The Zoom H6 is a 6-track recorder that comes with two different mics, a wind shield and hard case. It also has a USB cable that allows you to hook the H6 up to your PC or Mac and use it as an input mic drawing power from the USB port.

In the video, you can see how the Zoom H6 performs with the standard XY mic. I didn’t make any post production changes to the recording, but it sounds very clear and balanced. The only downside for me with the Zoom H6 is the fairly high price.

The Zoom H4n Portable Audio RecorderUnless you’re going to make use of the H6’s multitrack recording capabilities, I’m not sure it’s worth paying all that cash for a simple screencast or vlogging device. Since making this video, I sent my Zoom H6 back and ordered its little brother, the Zoom H4n instead. This has very similar sound quality to the H6, also allows external input mics and costs almost half the price of the H6 at around $200.

So now you can expect much better audio quality in my videos from now on. Let me know what sort of audio options you use.