This is the latest episode in my WordPress Community series. In these videos, I take a candid look at the work of people who have made (and continue to make) significant contributions to the WordPress platform.

This time, the spotlight is on Brian Gardner. Brian is a blogger, developer and entrepreneur who has been involved with WordPress from early on. I first came across his work back in 2006 when he released a free WordPress theme called “Vertigo”. Its clean layout and professional feel caught my attention and led me to his blog where I discovered an entire series of high quality free themes.

You see, *way* back then, the term “premium theme” wasn’t part of the WordPress community’s vocabulary. People used to release free themes and plugins all the time, partly out of wanting to give back to the community, partly as a strategy to drive traffic to their sites and in the process earn more advertising revenue. Brian did both very effectively and was able to build the mighty StudioPress on the back of the loyal following he had created.

Looking through the catalogue of themes at StudioPress, I can still see the same design traits at work. The bedrock of StudioPress is Brian’s flagship theme framework called Genesis. The formula is simple: build a professional grade theme framework with extensive features and an intuitive admin panel to power an array of clean and professional child theme designs. I say “simple”, but that’s a but of an understatement. Genesis and StudioPress is the result of years of refinement and evolution.

So I’m making this video in honour of Brian’s dedication to WordPress and his sense of consistency. Yes, there’s no doubt that WordPress has served him well, but his commitment to quality standards has also helped raise the bar of WordPress too.