Now this is not to say that BuddyPress wasn’t already smoking hot, but I just got news of a new BuddyPress theme called New Yorker.

New Yorker is a free and fully responsive, newspaper-oriented BuddyPress theme created by my friend Milo over at

If you’re not familiar with the BuddyPress platform, this is as good a time as any to get acquainted with it, because you might just be missing out.

Essentially, BuddyPress is an extensive plugin for WordPress that inherits core WordPress functionality such as themes, plugins and widgets and turns WordPress into a social networking site.

Just like WordPress it was built by Automattic, and just like WordPress it is open source software and it is free to download.

Milo’s New Yorker theme is geared towards a newspaper community website or a news portal. It is an excellent, almost zero-cost solution, for any analogue newspaper looking to make the transition online.

I could see this theme working very well for a community driven newspaper. It excels in its simple and clear layout and in its strong treatment of fonts.

Watch the video for more insight into BuddyPress and the New Yorker theme and then go check those sites out. Let me know if you’re a BuddyPress user and what your experience has been. Also let me know what you think about Milo’s New Yorker theme.

Udpate: in response to Chris’s comment below, I decided it was only right to add an addendum to this post highlighting the BuddyPress specific functions of the New Yorker Theme. So here it is: