How to Revive a Dead Blog Part 2: Creating a Business Plan

This blog has been “dead” for over a year. No new content and no new visitors. My challenge over the coming months is to revive it and turn it into…

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Why should you blog in 2017?

How to Revive a Dead Blog Part 1: Finding Your Passion Again

In this post, I think about the relevance of blogging in 2017. What value can a blog about WordPress bring to readers and to the blogger? What are the pros…

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WordPress Blog Posts: How Do You Compose Yours?

So what kind of composer are you? 1. 100% certified geek You hand code your posts in html using Textedit (mac), Notepad (windows), Gedit (linux) or some other text editor….

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How Noise Cancelling Headphones Help Me With Writing

Like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I write every day since it’s part of my work as a teacher and a blogger, but frequency doesn’t make…

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Zoom H6

Audio recorders for screencasts and vlogs

So I’ve begun making videos again for WPLiving after a leave of absence, but I feel my latest recordings have been suffering from poor audio quality. In order to up…

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What’s the most important design element when choosing a WordPress theme?

This is an open question about web design: what is the most important thing for you when choosing a WordPress theme or a new design template for your website? I…

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When’s the best time to post new content on a blog?

I opened my inbox this morning and found the following question. It came via my “Ask Me Anything About WordPress” page: Hi, I’m going to start a new blog for…

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Building links is like building bridges

Today I took a short trip down to the sea. I walked along the shore and arrived at a bridge. The world’s longest suspension bridge. Its scale is biblical. It…

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