Do blog lists still have value in 2012?

This is an open question to the community: do blog lists still have value? What do I mean by blog lists? I’m talking about the “50 best …” type blog…

Why Overlay Ads Just Don’t Work

In this WordPress marketing vlog, I take a look at the pop up ads trend and the detrimental effects it could have on your audience. I’m talking about those small…

To what extent do clever images and colour schemes influence WordPress Premium theme sales?

I made this video in response to a question I received via the wpliving “ask me anything” page. The questioner was writing in response to a recent video I made…

Where to find free and beautiful images for your website or blog

If you’re a blogger or if you create or run websites, chances are you’ll be on the look out for some awesome free visuals to bring your content to life….

How (not) to: engage with your customers!

So I was busy writing some emails this afternoon and up popped an email in my inbox from a design/development company informing of their services. Not only was this an…

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