Theme Review: Capiton an ultra minimal portfolio WordPress theme

This is my review of the Capiton WordPress portfolio theme by the recently launched theme company ThemeFurnace. The company is run by Dale Oliver, the man behind I’m a…

Theme Review: Ultima Free Premium Business Theme

In this review, I take a look at the theme responsible for the current iteration of this site’s design. It’s called “Ultima” and it’s by a young premium theme company…

Theme Review: Hoon a Cutting Edge Portfolio Theme by Press75

This is my first review of a Press75 theme. I’ve followed the work of Jason Schuller since 2008 and it’s been great seeing his company go from strength to strength….

Theme Review: Briefcase a Free and Professional Portfolio WordPress Theme

I received a tip by email the other day from a reader asking me to check out a theme by a fairly new Premium Theme company called Rockable Themes. The…

Theme Review: Chameleon An Innovative CMS Theme

I’ve been using WordPress almost since day one and I remember the arrival, circa 2008, of the first main Premium Theme developers. Among those was a one-man band by the…

Theme Review: Hero WordPress Theme by ThemeTrust

Welcome to the latest edition of my theme reviews. In this episode, I take a look at a minimal WordPress portfolio theme by ThemeTrust called “Hero”. It’s a clean and…

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