How to make WordPress look like or Facebook Notes

I really love the blogging experience with The GUI is so intuitive that I often forget about the mundane “technical” aspects of blogging and I’m able to focus on…

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How to choose a WordPress theme for your website or blog

Which WordPress theme should I choose, X or Y? I get asked this questions quite a lot. Answering them is harder than it may seem. Why? Because theme selection is…

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3 minute logo

How to make a free logo in under 3 minutes

Here’s the scenario: you want to launch a killer website and your budget consists of exactly $0. You’ve already found an awesome free WordPress theme, you’ve put together some incredible…

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Viral lists

How to Make Viral Lists with WordPress

Viral lists or listicles are a mainstay of the social web for one simple reason: time. A good list saves you the time it would take to research and curate a wide range…

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How to add WordPress filler content to a new blog

Whenever I use a new theme for a website, I always test it out on my “sandbox” test site first. That’s when I need WordPress filler content. So how do…

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How to make a free video intro in 5 minutes

This is a simple and practical tutorial showing you how to make a free video intro in 5 minutes. There is no cost involved and no catch. It’s all 100%…

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How to capture screenshots and automatically insert them into WordPress posts

  Making WordPress image uploads faster and easier I’ve often thought that the process of uploading images to WordPress posts was time consuming – particularly when it comes to making…

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How to improve your SEO by removing broken links on your WordPress blog

After the recent theme change here at, I went back through my archive of posts to make a few style and formatting changes, and in the process I came…

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How to choose the right budget web hosting service for a WordPress blog

I received a question recently via my Ask Me Anything About WordPress page, a free practical advice service I offer on all things related to WordPress. The question was as…

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