Open source software as seen through comics and cartoons

Since the early stages of the Internet, open source software has played a key role in shaping our relationship to information and the tools we use to create it. These comics give us satirical insight into the challenges that face OSS, both past and present.

Content Curation is both King and God of the Current Web

This post takes a look at why content curation is an ever important part of the Internet experience.

What some of the most famous websites looked like back in the day

Ever wondered what the Internet looked like back in the 90s? Check this out.

10 World Famous People who use WordPress

So I finished watching Straight Outta Compton on DVD at the weekend which, by the way, I highly recommend – particularly if you’re interested in the history of rap music. Snoop Dogg, played…

3D Printing = the Quiet Revolution

3D Printed Pizza

3D printing may still only be in the early stages of development, but a growing number of companies and individuals – both professional and amateur – are pushing the boundaries…

Introducing Leeflets – a Publishing App by WordPress Gurus

It’s not often that I’m blown away by a new application or piece of software, but after signing up to Leeflets as a beta tester, I’m pumped. Actually, it reminds…

Approaches to Responsive Design User Experience in WordPress

One of the areas of WordPress theme development that I focus quite a bit on in this blog is responsive design. Most recently, I came across two specific elements of…

WordPress as an “immersive” experience

I came across the term “immersion” recently in connection with a couple of themes on ThemeForest. These were portfolio themes that seemed to be offering a different kind of user…

And now for something completely different: orange caterpillar

A – What has this got to do with WordPress? W – Sweet FA. A – Then what’s the point of posting it? Aren’t you afraid of alienating your audience?…

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