You know how it is, you’re sitting there eating your corn flakes, the world is not yet your oyster until you’ve had that second cup of coffee, but a thought suddenly assaults your brain and you think yeah, that’s actually not a bad idea. Well that was me this morning.

Two words popped into to my brain: “design inspiration”. I happened to be looking through the windwo at the time. The landscape is emerald green at the moment, it’s truly mesmeric. Then I asked myself, how many blogs and showcase galleries have I looked at in the name of “design inspiration”? More than I’d care to count.

And what effect have these sources of inspiration had on me? Very little now I come to think of it. Why is that? Well one reason is that it’s always a visual phenomenon. I’m unable to experience web design in any other way but visually (ok and sometimes aurally too). No smell, no taste, no feel, no depth, no kinesthetic sense.

And so as I shoveled the last spoonful of soggy flakes into my mouth, it occurred to me that what we call “design inspiration” online is an incredibly impoverished version of what design can be. This prompted me to head outside into the emerald green. I can only suggest that you get out there too.

Here’s a frantic 45 second video I made that wraps up the point.