Most WordPress themes today allow you to insert your own background image and it’s a really simple but effective way of changing your site’s mood and character.

The easiest way to find free and beautiful images for your background is to use the Creative Commons image search tool.

However, bear in mind that the larger the image file you use, the longer your site will take to load. That’s where seamless and tileable backgrounds come in handy. You simply upload the image via the WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Customize tab and make sure you set it to tile both vertically and horizontally and you’ll be good to go.

One of my favourite image types are seamless wood backgrounds and I’ve collected a fair number of them over the years. Today, I decided to package together the better ones and release them here for the greater good.

I’ve arranged the images into 2 simple packs: one contains dark wood backgrounds and the other contains light wood backgrounds. But you can download both in a single zip file that I’ve uploaded to my DropBox account.

Please let me know what you think about these tiles and if you decide to use one on your blog or website, post a quick link in the comment section. I love to see what people get up to with my resources!

Pack 1: Light Wood

This pack contains an assortment of 25+ high quality light wood seamless background tiles. Free to use and modify and great for blog backgrounds or web design.

[su_carousel source=”media: 4905,4904,4903,4902,4901,4900,4899,4898,4897,4896,4895,4894,4893,4892,4891,4890,4889,4888,4887,4886,4885,4884,4883″ limit=”30″ link=”lightbox” width=”760″ height=”150″ items=”4″ title=”no” autoplay=”0″]

Pack 2: Dark Wood

This pack contains an assortment of 40 high quality dark wood seamless background tiles, free to use and modify and ideal for adding a touch of class to your website design.

[su_carousel source=”media: 4685,4684,4681,4680,4679,4677,4676,4675,4673,4672,4671,4670,4669,4668,4667,4666,4665,4664,4663,4661,4662″ limit=”30″ link=”lightbox” width=”760″ height=”150″ items=”4″ title=”no” autoplay=”0″]

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