So what kind of composer are you?

1. 100% certified geek


You hand code your posts in html using Textedit (mac), Notepad (windows), Gedit (linux) or some other text editor. You do this for any number of the following reasons:

a) because you’re a computer science graduate
b) because you’re deep into SEO
c) because dataloss is always an imminent threat
d) because what you see is never really what you get
e) because you believe that code really is poetry
f) because you can

2. Somewhat old school


You compose your posts on the WordPress post screen, BUT only in text mode, never in visual, because you still like to throw around some html, just to keep your hand in the game. You’re at peace with the automatic draft saving function, you like to be surrounded by sidebars and occasionally – for kicks and giggles – you even compose in fullscreen mode.

3. A browser beast


Your browser is your temple. Whether your god of choice is called Chrome, Firefox, Safari…what else is there?…oh er Explorer…Opera? Whatever it may be, you use one of the following extensions to compose while you browse:

a) Chrome: WordXPress
b) Firefox: ScribeFire
c) Safari: ScribeFire
d) Opera: WP Write

4. A desktop destroyer


You appreciate the quiet and calm of your office. You trust your sturdy desk, take comfort in your swivel chair and find a good old desktop computer reassuring.

You use pen and paper to record noteworthy brainwaves and when you’re ready to begin writing you fire up your WordPress desktop app

and the world becomes your oyster.

5. A mobile mogul


You haven’t used a desktop or laptop computer since 2010 and you’re always on the go. You often find yourself arguing with people at parties that a smartphone is the only device you need in 2016, everything else is just vanity.

You have become so adept at touch typing that the prospect of penning a 500-word post on a 4.7 inch display turns you on. And the WordPress mobile app icon is first on your phone’s home screen.

6. A vehement vocalist

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

“Writing? Where we’re going we don’t need writing.”

You’ve always been at the cutting edge of everything. Your family was the first on the block to have a television set. You bought a microwave oven before Dire Straits made them famous. You had a mobile phone when everyone was saying they’d never need one. And now you compose your posts by voice using speech recognition software or WordPress voice plugins (when they work!).

7. An outsourcing heretic


You haven’t written a post since 2010. You run 15 niche blogs and you’re a “content marketing expert.” Google keyword planner is your oracle and muse, and based on its prophecies you buy all your posts from Castleford or Newscred.

8. That’s classified


You compose posts in ways we mere mortals can’t even begin to imagine.
But we’d sure love to know!

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So…what kind of composer are you? Cast your votes now or let me know in the comments below.
As for me, well I guess I’m still somewhat old school, I compose straight in the WordPress composition screen 🙂

Front cover image: “The Harvest Writer” by John O’Nolan.