Notification bars are a popular and easy way to get the attention of visitors to your website. I’m talking about the bars that run across the top of a site and usually contain a message and a link. Some notification bars are built into website code, but most people opt for a third party app to power their notifications. In the case of WordPress, this consists of adding a small snippet of code snippet to the header.php file.

There are a number of commercial services offering variations of the notification bar. Some include social media icon integration, some include Feedburner or MailChimp email subscription boxes, others allow you to insert custom buttons.

For my part, the service I’ve most used in the past is You can set up a free account there and test their notification bar, but if you anticipate more than 25 hits on your bar per month, you will have to opt for their paid pro version. Hellobar offers analytics and the ability to set up A/B testing campaigns.

I reached the limit of my free account with Hellobar, but decided not to buy their premium service (for the moment) since I don’t really need it. Instead I went in search of a free alternative. I came up with a neat little plugin called the Easy Heads Up Bar.

In this tutorial I show you how to install and customize the Easy Heads Up Bar to suit your needs. It’s very simple to do and can yield some very effective results. I hope you find it useful.