This is a simple and practical tutorial showing you how to make a free video intro in 5 minutes. There is no cost involved and no catch. It’s all 100% free.

So what might you use these video intros for? The main users would be people creating videos for a YouTube channel. A smart and memorable intro (keep those intros short) is a great way to create brand identity for your channel. It also gives your videos a more professional and serious feel.

The software I use in the tutorial is iMovie, version 10.6.0. But you can use the same principle and method for Movie Maker if you’re a Windows user.

The free video clips used in the tutorial are courtesy of Beach Front B-Roll. This is a fantastic and little-known site offering high definition clips for free download and use.

I have trawled through a large number of so-called “free” video clip sites looking for potential intro material, but most come with some sort of catch.

The audio file I use is called “Otis McMusic (Sting)” by Otis McDonald. This is part of the YouTube free music audio library. I recommend using these files, because they have been approved for use by YouTube. Video uploads to YouTube often get blocked or restricted due to copyrighted material, but these files are entirely free to use.

Finally, a couple of years ago, I wrote a similar blog post on how to create a free video intro and it proved very popular. While that tutorial is still useful, I made this follow-up post to give an updated and more efficient way of making intros.

So, give it a try and if you use my tutorial and make a video, be sure to share your work with other readers here by posting a link to the video in the comments. Happy vlogging!