Every now and then I come across a gem in the WordPress community. Whether it’s a WordPress event, a blog, plugin or theme, there’s something very satisfying about discovering high grade work.

And “high grade” is certainly the term I would use to describe the free WordPress themes of Swedish web designer, Alexander Agnarson. In mid-2015, Agnarson began releasing a series of 7 premium grade free WordPress themes culminating in February 2016 with the Enspire Theme.

In December 2015, Agnarson’s popular 3 column blog theme, dubbed “Hueman,” was taken over by French developer, Nicolas Guillaume, and released on the WordPress.org theme repository where it has since gained over 80,000 active installs.

The majority of Angarson’s themes fall into the blog and magazine categories. What unites them all is Agnarson’s keen eye for “lines.” His choice of theme names already hints at this with names like Blogrow, Blogline, Slanted and Kontrast.

A combination of soft and stark lines construct the form and function of Angarson’s designs. He uses lines to guide the visitor’s eye across the content of each theme; using bold juxtapositions to highlight key content and subtle gradients to blend in secondary content. The result is a series of clean and airy designs that give the end user’s work a sense of professionalism.

Agnarson’s latest free theme is “Enspire”, a vibrant magazine theme that was released in February 2016. Since then, Agnarson has released three premium magazine themes on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Listed below are the 6 free themes available for download on Agnarson’s website. You can rate any of the themes in the list and they will ascend or descend accordingly, so feel free to interact.

Finally, if you are using one of Agnarson’s themes, it would be really good to hear about your experience with theme, so please leave a comment below or drop me a line via the contact form or on Twitter. Thanks.

1. Enspire

Enspire free WordPress theme

Enspire is a free blog/magazine WordPress theme. The theme offers a fully fledged magazine layout complete with post carousel, post stream and two sidebars. For single posts you can switch between several layouts, standard, grid or list. Colours, fonts and other style elements are editable via the admin panel.The theme comes with several bespoke widgets to display your content in the sidebars. It is a lightweight, SEO friendly theme that will help present your content in the best possible light.


2. Typecore Theme

Typecore free WordPress theme

Typecore is a free WordPress magazine theme with a striking left-aligned layout and content split into 3 columns. The colour gradient from left to right, dark to light, really helps each content section to “breathe”.The theme also places emphasis on sharing content and social interaction thanks to the prominent use of social media icons. All in all, this is one of the most sophisticated and appealing free magazine themes available right now.


3. Kontrast Theme

Kontrast free WordPress theme

Kontrast is a 3 column free WordPress magazine theme, which as its name suggests is based on contrasting colour tones. The dark sidebar and navigation menu serve as a frame for the central magazine content area. The theme is elegant and airy with a professional feel. The theme would suit a tech or business oriented publication. Another free premium hit from Alexander Agnarson.


4. Blogrow Theme

Blogrow Free WordPress theme

Blogrow is the third free personal blog theme in this list. It comes with a full width carousel positioned at the bottom of the theme. The header includes an intro section making this a great candidate for a personal portfolio type site.


5. Slanted Theme

Slanted is a free personal blog theme for WordPress with a single centered content stream brought into focus through a colourful slanting header design. On single posts, a beautifully crafted sidebar is available including a tabbed content widget. The theme has 2 main colour variants, a light version and dark version. Both are very easy on the eyes and make it easy to browse content.


6. Blogline Theme

Blogline free WordPress theme

Blogline is a free personal blog theme for WordPress that puts your profile and your content front and center. The theme comes with a front page content carousel, a blogger profile widget, a featured post widget and easy social media sharing options. The subtle grey brick background blends nicely with the crisp white content sections. This is a brilliant take on the traditional 2 column blog layout.