Hello, my name is William, I’m originally London but now live in Osaka, Japan. Welcome to WPLiving.net. I’m very pleased to be writing the first post on this new site dedicated to all things WordPress. I’ve been a WordPress user since day one and can still remember the days of B2/Cafelog! Needless to say that things have changed quite a bit since then. WordPress has come of age and is now one of the most used (if not the most used) content management systems on the Web today.

One of the areas that always interested me with WordPress was theme development. I spent a good deal of time learning how to use early versions of WP by exploring theme modification. Back then, theme designs were incredibly simple and the mechanics could be learnt in a short amount of time. Today it’s obviously a different story. Any newcomer to WP theme design/development not only needs to know the WP anatomy inside out, but he or she is likely also going to be competing in a very tight market of premium themes.

So why this site? Well, it’s partly an outlet to express my passion for all things WP, but it’s partly also a response to the ever-expanding landscape of WP themes. I will be posting free and premium WP theme reviews in video screencast form (big shout out to the excellent Screen O’Matic) in the hope of introducing visitors to new themes and offering a fresh look at how you might put some of these templates to use. I’ll also be creating how-to videos and showcasing companies and developers too. So if you like video and you’re interested in WordPress, bookmark the site, subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter. Let the good times roll!