This is the second entry in my WordPress Community series, a vlog in which I highlight companies and individuals who have left a mark on the WordPress landscape. Last time I looked at ElmaStudio, a small theme design company based in Germany that straddles the divide between tradition and contemporaneity.

This time I want to introduce the design phenomenon known as “Milo“. She also happens to be based in Germany and is one of the longest standing WordPress theme developers around. She has been there almost since the get go. Her design work has matured over time to the extent that she now works with major international companies and organisations.

One thing that has remained constant in Milo’s approach to WordPress theme design, and Web design in general, is her radical character. Like her work or not, it is never dull and it has never been afraid to take risks. In the vlog I discuss some of the implications of being a radical designer and I then move on to see how that approach carries over into her excellent selection of free themes.

Watch the vlog and let me know what you think. Be sure to visit Milo’s website and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook