Content Curation is both King and God of the Current Web

This post takes a look at why content curation is an ever important part of the Internet experience.

What some of the most famous websites looked like back in the day

Ever wondered what the Internet looked like back in the 90s? Check this out.

How to choose a WordPress theme for your website or blog

Which WordPress theme should I choose, X or Y? I get asked this questions quite a lot. Answering them is harder than it may seem. Why? Because theme selection is…

WordPress Themes for Indie Filmmakers

This selection of low to zero cost WordPress themes is for anyone looking to make a professional film website on a tight budget.

100 Free Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

I compiled this list of free ideas to help anyone who might be struggling to find their next blog post topic. Feel free to use these ideas, modify them, split…

WordPress Blog Posts: How Do You Compose Yours?

So what kind of composer are you? 1. 100% certified geek You hand code your posts in html using Textedit (mac), Notepad (windows), Gedit (linux) or some other text editor….

WordPress Themes For Photographers

This is the first post in my new #THEMESFOR series, in which I handpick the best free and premium WordPress themes for use in niche-specific contexts. In this post, I…

How to make a free logo in under 3 minutes

3 minute logo

Here’s the scenario: you want to launch a killer website and your budget consists of exactly $0. You’ve already found an awesome free WordPress theme, you’ve put together some incredible…

10 World Famous People who use WordPress

So I finished watching Straight Outta Compton on DVD at the weekend which, by the way, I highly recommend – particularly if you’re interested in the history of rap music. Snoop Dogg, played…

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