WordPress lite themes

Are WordPress “lite” themes useful?

Vote on our poll!   WordPress lite themes are an increasingly popular part of theme development and marketing strategy, but are they really useful to the end user? If you take a look at the WordPress.org theme repository, 221 out of 3807 themes...

3D Printed Pizza

3D Printing = the Quiet Revolution

3D printing may still only be in the early stages of development, but a growing number of companies and individuals – both professional and amateur – are pushing the boundaries of its potential, creating 3D goods from prosthetics and...

Viral lists

How to Make Viral Lists with WordPress

Viral lists or listicles are a mainstay of the social web for one simple reason: time. A good list saves you the time it would take to research and curate a wide range of content related to a specific topic or keyword. Sites such as BuzzFeed...

70 Free Seamless Wood Backgrounds for 2016

It's the start of a new year and I've been going through some of my old hard drive files, tidying things up. I came across a series of seamless wood backgrounds that I collected over the past year or so and rather than delete them, I thought I would...

Zoom H6

Audio recorders for screencasts and vlogs

So I've begun making videos again for WPLiving after a leave of absence, but I feel my latest recordings have been suffering from poor audio quality. In order to up my audio game, I decided to try 2 different audio recorders for making screencasts...

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