This blog has been “dead” for over a year. No new content and no new visitors. My challenge over the coming months is to revive it and turn it into a thing of greatness! I want it to be useful to readers and a source of creativity for me. I also want it to make some money.

You can find out more about why I want to revive this blog in my previous post called “Reality Check: Why am I blogging and where am I going“.

While writing that post, I thought about deleting all my content and resetting this blog at zero. A clean slate. Sometimes in life, that sort of radical approach is necessary. But in this case, I think some content is worth salvaging and can still be relevant to an audience in 2017. It needs rewriting and editing.

So how to revive a dead blog?

I’ve been reading around the Web and I’ve come up with a 2-part strategy that I want to share with you.

The first part, which I outline below, involves creating a business plan. It seems to me that if you want to avoid the pitfalls that led to a dead blog or website in the first place, then some planning is in order.

The second part will be the subject of my next post, and is about how to recycle old content. In that post, I look at the pros and cons of re-publishing past posts, particularly in terms of how it affects search engine rankings and building a new audience.

So let’s get started. Part 1: creating a business plan.

Even if your aim is not to make money from blogging, I still think it’s crucial to have a strategy for content creation. It’s important to set goals and work towards achieving them, because it gives you and your audience a sense of purpose and it allows you to track progress.

Here are the top five things on my plan:

[su_service title=”A time frame” icon=”icon: clock-o” size=”40″]Anything less than 6 months just doesn’t seem worthwhile and anything more than 5 years doesn’t seem tangible. So somewhere in between. For me, I tend to plan work on a yearly basis. I think about the milestones I want to reach over the year ahead and work towards them.[/su_service] [su_service title=”A clear goal” icon=”icon: paper-plane-o” size=”40″]why are you blogging? No, really? What’s the point? Is it to make money? Is it to build a brand? Is it to share your love for something with the world? Is it a combination of things?[/su_service] [su_service title=”An audience” icon=”icon: group” size=”40″]Who are your potential readers? In order to answer that you need to be clear about your blog’s subject matter. Define your territory. Once you’ve done that, you can start to plan your content.[/su_service] [su_service title=”Strong categories” icon=”icon: th” size=”40″] What are the main categories of your blog? My sense is that it’s better to have 4 or 5 solid categories that you regularly post content to than 15-20 with little content. Why? Four reasons: reducing the number of core categories on your blog helps establish your expertise in those areas. Second, you can increase your google rankings by interlinking posts that share similar or same keywords. Third, strong categories helps you stay focused. Fourth, new visitors to your site can see what you’re about in the glimpse of an eye.[/su_service] [su_service title=”A Revenue plan” icon=”icon: dollar” size=”40″]If you are going to try and make money from your blog, you need to outline the ways in which you’re going to do that. It’s a good idea to research the most suitable revenue streams for your blog. In my case I am looking at the following revenue streams: advertising, writing guest posts, offering a service via my blog. I will write more about my revenue plan for Wpliving over the days ahead.[/su_service] [su_service title=”A social media strategy” icon=”icon: wechat” size=”40″]This is an invaluable part of the business plan. How much time and which platforms are you going to focus on in order to a) engage with the community b) build a new audience c) make people aware of your content?[/su_service]

Thanks for reading this far. If you have any tips or suggestions from your own experience of reviving a dead blog, please do share them in the comments below. Stay tuned for part 2 of this post.