3D Printed Pizza

3D Printing = the Quiet Revolution

3D printing may still only be in the early stages of development, but a growing number of companies and individuals – both professional and amateur – are pushing the boundaries…

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How Noise Cancelling Headphones Help Me With Writing

Like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I write every day since it’s part of my work as a teacher and a blogger, but frequency doesn’t make…

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Zoom H6

Audio recorders for screencasts and vlogs

So I’ve begun making videos again for WPLiving after a leave of absence, but I feel my latest recordings have been suffering from poor audio quality. In order to up…

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Introducing Leeflets – a Publishing App by WordPress Gurus

It’s not often that I’m blown away by a new application or piece of software, but after signing up to Leeflets as a beta tester, I’m pumped. Actually, it reminds…

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