This is an extensive video review of the Eventor WordPress theme * The theme was developed by ThemesKingdom and I think it offers an interesting low-cost solution for an effective convention or conference website design.

There are four main parts to my review:

Part 1: looks at some examples of existing academic conference websites as well as some social event type sites that the Eventor theme could easily run. Among these are the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, the MIT Energy Conference, and WordCamp Central.

Part 2: in this segment I go over the theme’s feature set, providing a clear outline of what the theme can do.

Part 3: I look at the theme’s admin panel and explain how to manipulate the core elements of the theme’s design.

Part 4: In the final part I look at the theme in action and offer some insight into the design elements that work the best as well as things that could be improved or added to the theme.

There are a range of WordPress themes that are geared towards event management, but I think Eventor * is one of the more professional, more formal themes that I’ve seen and one that I can imagine the academic community taking interest in.