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I’ve been looking forward to the release of the launch of the Flexible WordPress theme * ever since Nick Roach, founder and lead designer at ElegantThemes, announced it on his blog almost a month ago.

I think Nick has entered a new chapter in his design work. He’s pairing things down and getting to the essence of each theme.

You know, the more I think about it, the more that old saying – “quality not quantity” – seems relevant to today’s premium theme marketplace.

Theme developers use all manner of clever tricks to lure in their customers, but the themes that stand out, at least in my view, are themes that excel in one or more of the following design elements:

  • innovate in an aspect of usability
  • operate at the highest coding standards from start to finish
  • offer extensive and intuitive admin options
  • allow the user to easily add his or her own mark on the theme
  • engage the reader with exceptional font treatment
  • cut away excess and gets the balance of visuals, function and layout just right

My list is by no means exhaustive, but it contains the main things that attract me to WordPress themes. Nick’s theme has a bit of everything going on. It’s not perfect, but then no theme is. However it is consistent and it is definitely usable.

Take a look at my video for more insight into the design and then please let me know what you think about the theme here below.

Or bypass all of this and go straight to the Flexible WordPress theme * on the ElegantThemes website.

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4 Responses to " Theme Review: Flexible WordPress Theme by ElegantThemes "

  1. Omar says:

    First I must say you can sure talk a lot hahaha. But as for the review you do have some valid points one of my biggest problems with the theme is the slider saw the theme yesterday and was loving it, but such a simple slider on a theme like this just makes you question what he was thinking when adding it. But the rest looks awesome the AJAX portfolio feature is a great idea!

    • wpliving says:

      Hehe, I hear you loud and clear Omar: less is more. I’ve been thinking of imposing a “5-minute” rule on my videos. Or at least it’s something I’m aiming for. 15 minutes is indeed too much talk.

      Ever hear that James Brown song “Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing”? That’s basically me…

      As for the slider, agreed, it’s way too easy. I’ve mentioned the slider problem elsewhere, but I think people expect more. I certainly do and I can see you do too. That makes two…

      • Omar says:

        Maybe the theme has an option to select one of X sliders and for the demo he decided to use that one? at least I hope its that

  2. Patricia says:

    Just wanted to present an alternative view to the first commenter. I thought your review was perfect and NOT too long. I’m new to blogs and really want and need all the details. This review helped me immensely and I am very appreciative of the time you took to make it. Don’t forget about us newbies 🙂 and again thanks so much!

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