This is my first review of a Press75 theme. I’ve followed the work of Jason Schuller since 2008 and it’s been great seeing his company go from strength to strength. Press75 excels in media-oriented WordPress design catering for video, photo and audio power users, while also offering some straight forward blogging themes.

In this review, I take a look at their latest theme known as “Hoon

“. It was designed by Press75 designer/developer Luke McDonald. To me, it marks a departure in terms theme type for Press75. Hoon is a hybrid theme, somewhere between a portfolio, a personal tumblelog and a band/artist site. The innovative feature set, including a bespoke audio player (be sure to check that out) and an excellent tabulated footer section on single posts, are just some of the highlights that make this a fantastic theme.

Check out the review. Let me know what you think about the design and if you’re already using it, please post a link to your site here. I’d love to see how people have adapted this design to their needs. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.

Update: The designer of the Hoon theme, Luke McDonald pointed out a discrepancy in my review. I was convinced that the Hoon background image was unchangeable. That is not the case. You can change the background image on each post and page, making this a truly remarkable theme!