May has been the month for WordPress theme design companies. First there was the launch of ThemeFurnace whose sharp and minimal Capiton theme I reviewed just last week. And then Themezilla; a 4-man setup delivering top quality themes.

Their latest theme and the subject of my review is a slick and lively portfolio that goes by the name of Volumes. I love it when titles and designs correspond – and I say that because you’d be surprised how often the two are planets apart!

Volumes has more colour and font thickness than Elton John’s boots! Pleasantries aside, Volumes is a timely and welcome addition to the WordPress theme landscape. It brings top notch usability to the table; it’s vibrant and engaging and it just feels right if you know what I mean.

I know you’re itching to test it for yourselves, so go check out the ThemeZilla Volumes theme demo then come back and watch the video review and let me know if the theme works as well for you as it does for me. Thanks, as always, for watching.