Thanks to WPMU, I came across an interesting post by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, entitled “Radically Simplified WordPress“.

In the post Matt talks about the need for a radical simplification of WordPress to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile technological landscape – smart phones and tablets.

His point is that as mobile technology increases and the relationship between content and consumer evolves, publishing platforms run the risk of being left behind. Or at least they’re having to play catch up.

Since WordPress is of course one of the major publishing platforms on the Web, it stands to reason that Matt and his team at Automattic would want to bring WordPress up to speed.

Matt sees the simplification of wp-admin as one of the key elements in bridging that gap. He makes it clear that it’s “not a matter of a responsive stylesheet or incremental UX improvements, it’s re-imagining and radically simplifying what we currently do, thinking outside the box of wp-admin.”

With this video, I offer a humble response to these ideas and to suggest that there is an opportunity here not only to think “outside the box”, but to rethink the box altogether.

What do you think about Matt’s idea. Is a user interface overhaul going to be enough to make the most of the potential of mobile? How far is WordPress behind when it comes to exploiting the potential of mobile devices? I’d love, as always, to hear your thoughts.