This is an open question about web design: what is the most important thing for you when choosing a WordPress theme or a new design template for your website?

I was recently faced with having to choose a new WordPress theme for an online education project I was involved in. My task was to select a theme that would put content centre stage and allow viewers to get straight into the site.

As with most education projects, our budget was fairly minimal so we opted for a WordPress solution. I then set about trawling through premium WordPress themes. I must say, it’s quite a daunting task these days.

One of the consequences of an ever-increasing array of themes and options is that it becomes more difficult to find a correct fit. I like to think of this paradox as ‘the embarrassment of choice’.

To cut a long story short, the upshot of it all was that I ended up going with something very simple. In fact, the theme I chose is closer to an old school blog than anything else. The theme is called The Standard Theme and it was created by a company called 8bit.

The reason I went for this one really boils down to one thing: simplicity. What about you? What do you look for as standard features in WordPress themes? Let me know in the comments below.