This is the first in a new series of video shows on WP Living that focuses on the WordPress Community. Whether it’s a design company, an individual developer, a general enthusiast or whatever the case may be, the idea is to introduce you to some of the pillars of the community.

In this first episode I decided to highlight an up-and-coming design company based in Germany, called Elma Studios. They have developed a unique style of theme using pastel colour tones, minimal lines and a sense of playfulness. Their themes are very competitively priced and they also have 2 excellent free themes on offer as well: Ari (is that the Japanese for “Ant”?) and Yoko


Let me know what you think about Elmasstudio. Are you a fan like me or is their work not your cup of tea? Perhaps you’re already using one of their themes. Either way, please share your thoughts in the comments below.