In this review, I take a look at a major WordPress plugin called SlideDeck 2

developed by the US web design agency Digital Telepathy.

Sliders have become a staple element in WordPress theme development and most themes come integrated with some form of slider to showcase photos, video and text.

However, and I’ve said this in the past, although we’re starting to see some innovation in slider technology with animations and more extensive customisation sets, most sliders are still pretty basic and typically involve a series of photos with some overlaid text.

That’s where most sliders stop and where SlideDeck 2 begins. SlideDeck 2 is a feature-rich, multi media content slider for WordPress. You can create entirely custom slides using anything from google maps, videos and photos to text, html code and tweets. All this can be done on a slide by slide basis or in a more automated way using the dynamic source input option. All this is explained in detail in the video above.

I’ll say it outright, I was thoroughly impressed by this plugin. I like the user interface, I like the ability to customize pretty much anything you want and crucially, I like the way it performs.

This review is split into 3 main parts. In the first part, I offer a little bit of background information to the plugin and I cover its core feature set. In the second part, I look at the admin side of the plugin showing you how to actually build a slider. Then in the final part, I provide an example of a SlideDeck 2 slider at work on wpliving. If you want to see it in action, head over to my post on how to create cool and free video intros


SlideDeck 2 was a joy to work with and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to harness rich media content on their blog and from their social media accounts. Let me know what you think about this plugin in the comments below and stay tuned for more WordPress goodness to come.