As the WordPress premium theme market expands, competition naturally increases and this is pushing theme developers to search for “an edge” that is going to set their themes apart from the rest.

The days of inserting a bit of bling (read flash sliders) to cajole your customer base into conversion figures are thankfully behind us. Consumers have grown savvy and demand only the best in theme quality and support.

One of the direct consequences of this in the portfolio theme niche is a recent trend in interactive innovation or what I’m calling the “battle for interactive supremacy”.

Last week, I reviewed one of the most sophisticated WordPress portfolio themes that has been released to date. It’s called the WowWay theme and it brought some much needed new interactive life to what is fast becoming a staple of portfolio designs: the image grid.

But this week, I want to highlight a portfolio theme that is pushing the bar even higher. It’s a theme called Konzept and in my video I explain what it is that I think makes this a stunning piece of work.