A handheld thermal imager is a device used to take pictures of objects at different temperatures. The Uni-T UTi260b is an example of this technology. It uses a thermoelectric generator to take pictures of objects at different temperatures. Thermoelectric generators are powered by electricity and produce heat as a by-product. These generators are popular in space exploration, because they don’t produce any noticeable noise or vibration during use. They can also be used for medical purposes, such as taking pictures of the brain’s temperature during surgeries.

The resolution of the Uni-T UTi260b is 256 x 192 pixels. This means that each pixel has a unique color and can represent only one specific temperature. It can take pictures of objects as cold as 15°C and as hot as 250°C. It’s also waterproof up to 100 meters, so it can be used underwater if desired. Due to its small size, portability, and high resolution, the Uni-T UTi260b is an effective tool for scientific research and industrial applications.

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The area that can be captured by the Uni-T UTi260b is 3 x 2 inches with a maximum capture distance of 12 inches from the camera’s focal point. It uses an SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB for storing images taken with the device. Each picture takes about 8 seconds to process before displaying on its screen. Once processed, it can store another 30 pictures before its battery dies or it runs out of storage space on the card. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge using a standard power supply using its charging dock included in the packaging box.

Thermoelectric generators are quite noisy when operating; however, they produce very little noise when taking pictures with the Uni-T UTi260b because it uses electricity to create heat instead of fire or ice like other thermal imaging devices do. This makes it ideal for applications where there might be sensitive equipment nearby or people in close proximity to where images are being taken.

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