Dotonbori, osaka – close to where I live

Hello, my name is Will, I’m originally from the UK, but I live in Osaka, Japan, where I work as a teacher. I’ve been a WordPress user since late 2004. I still have fond memories of the Kubrick theme!

One of the areas that always interested me with WordPress was theme development. I spent a good deal of time learning how to use early versions of the platform by exploring theme modification.

Back then, theme design was simple and the mechanics could be learnt in a few hours. Today it’s a different story. Even on the user side, getting a theme up and running has a learning curve.

That's where this blog comes in. The aim is to help people make the most of the WP platform, from finding and using new themes, to getting the right plugins for a particular function or job.

I also create how-to videos and showcase companies and developers too. Check out my YouTube channel and/or come and say hi on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.