If you would like to associate your brand or website with Wpliving and pitch your product to a WordPress devoted audience then please get in touch via the contact form below.

I am particularly interested in working with companies and individuals whose products, brands or websites are connected to the following fields: WordPressopen source softwaretechblogging strategySEOcontent marketing.

Advertising options include the following:

  • Video sponsorship: insert a short clip including your brand’s logo and product information at the beginning of my videos – or part way through a video. View my latest videos on my YouTube channel.
    Price: $100 per clip. Your clip will be shown in 3 consecutive videos (published on YouTube and on this blog).
  • Post sponsorship: insert a product link + up to 100 words of text at the end of a blog post.
    Price: $50 per link per post. | Duration: indefinite.
  • Text Link Ad: there are 8 text link ad spots available site-wide in the Wpliving footer section.
    Price: $50 per link. | Duration: indefinite.
  • Sidebar banner ad: Place your ad at on the Wpliving sidebar. It will be seen on the home page and across all blog posts.
    Price: $30 | Duration: monthly
  • Custom option: if you have another idea about advertising on this site, send me an email and let’s talk it through.