Welcome to Wpliving 2.0! if you're wondering what happened to the first iteration of this blog, sadly, it is no more…

What happened? Well, my hosting account was hacked, my blog files were corrupted with malware and all the backups I had on record were also compromised.

Needless to say, this came as a shock.

But, rather than dwell on the negative, I decided to take this as an opportunity to relaunch this blog and refocus its content.

Since the hack, I have moved to new hosting (I'll do a review of that later on), and I have started to put new layers of protection in place to avoid a repeat of this security breach.

Indeed, one of the first series of posts I intend to write is about steps to securing a new WordPress blog. So if you're just starting out with WordPress, you might consider subscribing to my blog for more info on WordPress security.

Allow me to re-introduce myself

So, to start again as it were…my name is Will, I'm originally from London, but I have been living and working in Osaka for the past 10 years.

I work in the university sector. I love reading, I love cinema, I love hiking, I love motorcycles and I love WordPress – not necessarily always in that order!

I began using WordPress in 2004 when blogging was still a relatively new phenomenon. I still get nostalgic over the Kubrick theme, still remember exchanging links in “blogrolls” and above all, I still remember the pleasure of tinkering with WordPress code. The whole operation was far simpler back then…

But enough about the past, let me say a bit about the future. What's the plan for this blog?


I've decided to focus on three main areas with this blog. These are all things I'm relatively good at:

  • Make more WordPress tutorial videos and growing my YouTube channel. I'd like to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of 2019!
  • Make a new series of “WordPress Themes For” posts. These are “listicle” posts highlighting free and premium WordPress that can be applied to specific niches.
  • Review WordPress themes and plugins. The reviews will contain a narrated video/screencast and an accompanying write-up. If you want me to review a theme or plugin, drop me a line here.

Let's connect

Finally, I'd like to reach out to anyone who happens across my tiny patch of the Web and say that if you'd like to get in touch, I'd love to hear your story and perhaps collaborate on something.

You can find me on Twitter. If you're interested about life in Japan, you can follow me on Instagram too. And if you want more WordPress stuff, check out my YouTube channel. Give me a heads up and I'll be happy to chat.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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